Yes yes, we know – the ‘graffiti room’ has no graffiti !! But when it was named it did and we remember it from the early days of SWhoop.

Open everyday, all day for people to grab snacks, drink tea and coffee, eat chocolate and maybe even indulge in the odd ukulele class!

Perfect place to recuperate between workshops and play sessions or to have a shop or check out the raffle prizes!


Here you will find:


Comfortable places to sit, chat or grab a ukulele and have a quick play.

There is always tea, coffee, biscuits and chocolate available! This is all free as part of your SWhoop ticket – woo!

Tea area includes THE GREAT SWHOOPY TEA SWAP….
BRING YOUR UNWANTED TEAS TO SWHOOP AND FIND THEM A NEW HOME and perhaps find a new fave for yourself!
I don’t even really have a kitchen yet still I seem to own an insane amount of hippy teas that I don’t drink! See pic – although I found a few in there I do – woo! Relegated to the back of a cupboard at my dad’s. I’m sure you also have such teas… desperate to be brought out and given to someone that actually likes drinking them πŸ˜›
I’ll have the normal selection of normalatea, decaffienated, green, earl grey, etc etc but I’ll also be brining ALL my random teas and hopefully some of you will love them. At the end, if they’re not all gone, they can be taken home to their new homes where they’ll sit proud at the front of the cupboard and actually get used. πŸ™‚

Ukulele with Emma and John

It wouldn’t be SWhoop without the traditional ukulele sessions! Bring your uke along! They’ll be a beginners and improvers workshops most days and a proper sing-a-longs in the chill out space on the Monday to finish.

Ukulele for beginners with Emma
Intermediate Ukulele with John
Ukulele Sing along (singers, uke, kazoos, whatever welcome)

There are a few ukuleles that can be borrowed for the workshops. Sign up required to use one of these.
They will be able to be purchased after the last Workshop.

Either to have signed up for one of the ukes OR Bring your own πŸ™‚


Please see the Vendors page for info on this year’s wonderful shops πŸ™‚



The SWhoop raffle is HUGE! Watch out at mealtimes for the raffle seller carrying a flowery tray!

Prizes include:

– SWhoop 2024 Ticket!!
– All the Things Yearly Subscription package from Hooping Mad Online Learning
– Items from all the Vendors
and much more…


Put all your stuff you’re not using in the cloakroom. This maximises space for hooping πŸ™‚