These optional workshops are 1hr long and can be attended by anyone at the event.

The application process for 2014 is now closed. Applications to teach in 2015 will open in Jan 2015.

Also see main workshop leaders and chill space.

The teachers donate their time to the event and do not receive pay – they are teaching to share their love of hooping and take part in SWhoop ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks guys!!

Confirmed 2014 workshops from:

Steve Bags – What the Fork? (Hoops)

bags 2014
1 & 2 Hoop Tech Workshop
This workshop will teach some interesting moves with one hoop that introduce the “Fork Grip”! We will then look at how we can use this extremely useful grip with two hoops to do moves such as turning weaves and fountains without doing any grip changes or twisting your hoops! Once mastered, this grip can be employed to do fixed-grip versions of turning behind-the-back weaves and turning 4-petal flowers.

Bags is a professional teacher and performer from the UK who has been formally trained at Circomedia โ€“ Europeโ€™s leading centre for contemporary circus and physical theatre. He has taught hooping at prominent events all over the UK, Europe and the US as well as being a teacher on Hoop City and Hooping University. He founded the Bristol Hoop Massive and the UK hoop website the Hoop Hub and has won or been nominated for multiple Hoopies and Revolvies (this year he jointly won the Male Hooper of the Year Hoopie!) He is an innovative and multi-disciplined performer who has a strong passion for circus in all itโ€™s forms โ€“ but just at the moment youโ€™re unlikely to find him anywhere other than inside a hoop!

Bags – A Plethora of Perfectly Pleasing Partner Possibilities! (Hoops)

twisted orbitThis workshop will explore the possibilities of working with a partner. We will cover partner weaves, thread the needle, isolations, simple hoop passing and Z-Spin flowers. It is an all levels workshop and you donโ€™t have to bring a partner. Two medium-sized, moderately light hoops are recommended.

Emma Hooping Mad – Twin Hoop Trickery (Hoops)

emma thigh swhoop A workshop of some of my years favourite twin hoop tricks! Expect exciting starts, waist wraps, coin flips, throws, rolls and more ๐Ÿ™‚

Emma, SWhoop’s founder, is a hugely experienced teacher and has run regular classes and workshops across Europe for the last 5 years and now teaches worldwide through her online workshops.
She runs the highly acclaimed Bristol based hoop school Hooping Mad and has taught hundreds of people to hoop. A key player in the growth of the outstanding Bristol Hoop community. She was shortlisted for multiple Hoopies awards in 2013 and 2014 including Female Hooper of the Year .
Her trick filled videos, clear and comprehensive teaching style, fearless approach to fire hooping, ukulele hooping and comedy thrusting has won her many loyal fans.

Tracey Chin – (Re)Defining Dance (Dance)

TraceyChin2014What exactly is ‘dance’?

How do you define it?

Many people – not just hoopers – have a definite idea about what “”dance”” is and what it means to them, which can sometimes limit the possibilities of trying something new and creating something unique.

In this mixed discussion/practical workshop, we will be exploring the definition of dance and movement (are these 2 terms similar, different or interchangeable?), learning how to recognise your own movement style and applying it in the hoop.

Suitable for all levels, participants will need to come prepared to share and explore ideas, either personally or collectively. Please bring a notebook and pen

Tracey has been part of the London Hoop Scene since 2008 and has seen her hooping go from a living-room hobby to a fully-fledged way of life. She has undertaken trainings with the original Hoop Girl herself, Christabel, as well as Diana Lopez of BodyHoops, eventually going on to run classes of her own in West London. She has been responsible for hosting the London World Hoop Day happenings in 2009 and 2010, as well as being a part-time organiser of the Hyde Park Hoop Jams.

Inspired by observations made by herself and other hoopers and in addition with her current Dance Movement Therapy course, Tracey has decided to create a series of workshops that focus specifically on taking a more personal look at the relationship between the hooper and the hoop. She hopes to be able to use hooping in her therapeutic work once she qualifies as a registered Dance Movement Therapist.

Livi Little – Shoulder Shizzle (Advanced)

livi promoThis workshop will push your shoulder hooping to the next level.
Working on both vertical and horizontal planes- learn to pass between your
Shoulders, mimic a staff matrix, shoulder stalls and throws onto and between
Your shoulders! With loadsa good ideas and drills to get even the simpler.moves more
Solid- bring on that funky shoulder shiZzle!

Prerequisite: This is an advanced class so you will need to be able to do a shoulder duck out to attend.

If you can’t don’t worry as Emma will be running a ‘How to do a Shoulder Duck out’ workshop at the same time so noone is left out.

Livi has been playing with hoops and other juggling toys for 6 years, performing on 3 continents, at festivals and events in the uk, aswell as teaching countless workshops for all ages.

Always looking to explore and expand her interaction between the hoop, music, movement and play- Smiles are always inside the hoop for livi.

Livi has an organic and technical hooping style, and a background in dance. Add working with children around the world -and you get a completely original mix of performance, tricks and workshops styles to suit everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chazz Parham – Staff

Chazz2014Chazz Parham has been spinning a staff for over ten years and working with contact staff for nine. He is a regular workshop leader and performer at festivals and conventions in the UK and US.
His passion is contact staff, specialising in manipulation with the legs and feet. He also likes to play with acro-staff, double staff, dragon staff and s-staffs (Buugeng).

Chazz has written an instructional book called โ€œFirst Contact: A Beginnerโ€™s Guide to Contact Staffโ€.

Emily Wheeler – Expect the Unexpected (Hoop)

Emily Wheeler promo We’ll be looking outside of the box and ‘inside the jack in the box’; exploring different ways of thinking, different ways of moving, and overall, discovering a a slightly bizarre aspect on hooping.

Come along with an open mind and an open imagination!

Emily has been hooping for five years and has been teaching hoop classes in her hometown Watford for the past year. Her favourite hoop moves involve practically anything with a shoulder or knee, and she has a huge soft spot for breaks. Emily has taught workshops at UK Hoop Gathering 2012, Manchester Hoop Congress 2013 and London Hoopfest 2013.

Lila Chupa-Hoops – Wedgie Combo (Hoop)

SWhoop 2014 - LilaThe wedgie was quite a trend this year ! This is a crazy move that can take an audience in just 2 seconds. But how to incorporate it in your flow/routine ? There are tons of variations on how to get “in” the wedgie and how to get “out” of it. We will play on various original combos around this move.

Lila Chupa-Hoops is a Parisian hooper. She started in 2010 and immediately brought her new skill to the Burlesque and Cabaret scene in Paris. Aside her artistic life, she is leading HoopEra, the biggest community in France and spread her passion by teaching and performing all over the country.

Julia Hurley – Hoop Bollywood Style (Hoop)

Julia 2014Spice up your hooping with a pinch of Bollywood glamour… Modern Bollywood dance combines Indian classical and folk dance traditions with Western popular and Broadway styles such as hip hop, jive and jazz. This workshop involves learning a choreographed routine that incorporates tongue-in-cheek Bollywood dance moves into a hoop dance sequence.

Julia’s hoop journey has unfolded through teaching. Julia teaches hooping, Just Jhoom! Bollywood dance, Zumba and Pilates. She has delivered workshops in group hoop choreography at HoTS 2012, and in Head Hooping at SWHoop and Birmingham Hoop Fest in 2013. She has choreographed and directed performances with her hoop troupe and performed at numerous festivals and live music events.

Her hoop’s claim to fame is walloping Dec (of Ant and Dec) in the head whilst being filmed for the opening sequence of Britain’s Got Talent.

Jusztina (Fred) – Find Your Own Character (Hoop)

Fred PromoThis workshop is aiming to explore character work and stage presence while performing with hoops. We are going to explore styles through speed, style, costume, music and directional instructions of background stories.
This workshop is available to all levels and is specifically aimed at performers or people who would like to explore the performance aspect of hooping.
No previous performance/theatre experience necessary, but people with existing characters / stage personae are welcome to polish and explore more of their style.
This is gonna be a lots of fun with volunteered showings of 0.30-1.00min acts, results of the class.

Jusztina Hermann is a performance artist and theorist specialized in physical theatre, street theatre and contemporary circus. Her group DeLighters combines the diversity of performing arts, myth and playfulness in physical theatre, circus and fire theatre performances, cabaret acts, walkabouts and interactive street theatre happenings. She has been involved in small and large-scale projects as freelance performance artist, coordinator and workshop leader in Hungary, Italy, France, Germany and the UK. Jusztina has been hooping for 4 years and loves mixing her hooping with different art forms.

Stephen Salinger- Lindy Hop (Dance)

Stephen has been dancing for 8 years since discovering lindy hop at the 100 Club in London one magical Monday evening. Like most, he became obsessed with his new hobby and spent years attending every lesson he could find in every country he could get to. He moved from London to Bristol in September 2009 to study full-time circus and performing arts at Circomedia. Last summer he was one of the main organisers of The Swing Thing, an epic swing related circus extravaganza that formed the evening dances at Bristol’s first ever Lindy Exchange,The Swing Circus!

We had to have him back ๐Ÿ™‚ It was soooooo good at SWhoop 2013!

Ina Hoopina – Escalator Mania (Hoop)

Ina 1Many Hoopers love this trick, where the Hoop spins around the body as if like magic. But how do I integrate it into my flow, how do I get into the starting position and how can I continue after this trick? Besides this, the workshop covers several variations of the Escalator.

Ina Hoopinaโ€™s passion for Hoopdance started in 2010 and accompanied her in various ways. She taught herself most of the hoop tricks, started teaching Hoopdance in 2011 in Hannover and built up the Hannover Hoop community. Together with friends she runs the annual German Hoop Convention in Hannover since 2012 and makes contributions to the growth and network of Hoopdance in Germany. She is also the organisator of HOOP! The Castle, a Hoop gathering, which will happen for the first time in October 2014.

Andrew Batcheler – Contact Juggling

drew and mithi An introduction to contact juggling from Bristol local Drew.

Drew had been manipulating since ’96 and is a bit of an all rounder with crazy skills with Multiball Contact juggling, 1 ball contact, Bodyrolling, Hat & cane, Balls, Poi, Contact Staff and Clubs. More recently (since ’04) he’s added Swing Dancing, Charleston Dancing, and Skating to the mix. You may recognise his lovely, also mega talented wife Mithi who taught a highly popular Charleston class at SWhoop in 2011! It’s an awesome family

He has previously ran workshops at many Juggling and Manipulation events including: Uberpoi Edinburgh 2005. Play Festival 2005/6, Bristol Juggling Convention 1997-2007, European Juggling Convention 2001/02/03/04/06, British Juggling convention 2000-04+07 but he’s been on a hiatus for a few years from teaching and I’m really glad he’s coming back to teach at SWhoop ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out his collaborative blog Ministry of Manipulation for some insane inspiration. It’s kind of like for manipulators with a ridiculous skill level. Worth a watch ๐Ÿ™‚

Perhaps we’ll start with one but here’s some inspiration nonetheless ๐Ÿ™‚

Grace Billings – Handstands


Grace is pretty much good at all the things be it poi, staff or splitting 8 hoops! So when our handstand teacher couldn’t make it we knew just who to turn to for a replacement.

Shown in this vid with Loz Because who will also be at SWhoop and performing in the Saturday showcase ๐Ÿ™‚

Gems Goddard – InContact: A first exploration of Contact Dance (Dance)

gems goddardIn this workshop for beginners we will explore certain key aspects of contact-dance including body awareness, fluidity, undulation, weight transference, trust, lifts/rolls and ending with a short ‘jam’. We will explore progressive exercises involving yourself in contact with your own body or the floor, yourself and a partner without touch, graduating to exercises involving touch-contact partner work. Bring a yoga mat, an open mind and a sense of playfulness!

(please bring your own mat if you can, we will have some available to borrow)

Gems Goddard has been a teacher and event organiser for 6 years, and has spent the past 6 winters living all over India. She trained as a yoga teacher 3 years ago and is currently exploring aerial yoga techniques. She is also an established and recognised hoop-dancer, who has taught and performed hoop and fire-dancing in over 10 countries to date. She runs the UK Hoop Gathering events in the UK and Spain, and has just started the BeMoved Project for transformation and healing through dance and movement awareness. She learned, trained and played with world-renowned contact dancers during the week long ‘Goa Contact Festival’ intensive in January and will travel to Ibiza in September to work and play there during the ‘InTouch Journey‘.

Hannes GlowFire – Poi

Hannes poiHannes will cover the basic principles of how to move two spinning objects in different directions and timings and how to turn with it. Most of the stuff you will learn you can use for your individual level of poi and also for your 2-hoop-playing. For specific Poi tricks you are very welcome to ask Hannes for little individual lessons during free play and evenings or when you see him bored…

Note from Emma – people don’t get bored at SWhoop Hannes ๐Ÿ˜›

Hannes started spinning staff in 2005 and after his first fire-convention (Feuerkunst Berlin) in 2006 he added Poi and double-staff to his repertoire. He began teaching workshops in 2007 and realised that he enjoyed teaching even more than performing in shows. He has taught frequently at Festivals, Conventions and in spontaneous interaction.

We’ll be trying without the ball on the head first I think ๐Ÿ˜›

Julie Jolliffe and Andie Painter – A…Z of Hooping (Hoop)

Julie JoliffeLast Year Julie delivered her Alphabet workshop to the Irish Hoop Convention at Charleville Castle, Tullamore . No-one believed they could learn a 26 move routine in 1 hour – they did and they loved it.

You can get an idea of what to expect from the video made at the convention. We won’t have a castle at Bristol but we will have lots of fun. Julie will be adding new variations and new challenges to the workshop and it is suitable for any level.

Julie began hooping in 2009 and went on to qualify to teach hooping with Hoopnotica (level 2) in July 2010.She loves to spread the joy of hooping. In 2012 Julie took part in four 5k hoop walks so (one with a broken elbow!)

Julie has also studied with UK hooping who are UK REP certified and in March 2013 travelled to Mexico to study with Betty Hoops. She has attended many workshops and dreamt up a workshop which enables you to combine all your wonderful new or favourite moves into a routine.

Teaming up with Julie especially for SWhoop we have Andie Painter, who you may remember from the first year of the Hooping. Org hooping idol competition.

She will be adding her style and grace to the ABC of hooping, to make it extra special just for SWHOOP. The Comic pair will be using a hula hooping alphabet to create, inspire and choreograph routines for individual or group performances, this is a workshop you won’t want to miss!

Andie has been hooping for five years and teaching for 4, she runs Hooplarious which supports a thriving hooping community in her area. The Hooplarious Hoop troupe perform all around the borders of Hampshire Surrey and Berkshire, at all kinds of events from music festivals to charity events.

MCP – Dragon Staff

MCP Learn dragon staff from one of the most talented, innovative and experienced instructors in the field, MCP.

Vid shows another dragon staff spinner who’s first thanks is to MCP: