Lisa Looping new yoga picSaturday and Sunday will start with a morning yoga hooping session with Lisa Looping of and the Austrian Hoop Convention.

Given the popularity of her Yoga hooping workshop at SWhoop in 2013 we have asked Lisa back to open the Saturday and Sunday with her unique take on hoop:yoga fusion.

lisa looping yoga hoop 1

Yoga Hooping is a quite unique fusion of yoga flow, hoop dance and fitness. In this very balanced work-out all advantages of those 2 fascinating movement arts are melting together. Yoga and Hoop Dance have a lot of parallels. Both are focusing on the baunity of body and mind.. A very central element is the “FLOW” within every movement as a liquid transition from pose to pose..

Yoga is bringing the breath as a conscious choice into every exercise. which helps to focus on the present moment in the here and now to find peace of mind. So you could actually also call it playful movement meditation with the benefit of gaining more physical and mental flexibility, strength and fitness.


A typical Yoga-Hooping class is between 60 and 90 minutes and in its structure very similar to a balanced Hatha Yoga asana lesson. The Hula Hoop is being used in almost every asana (from warm-up, over sun salutations, to balancing, stretching and the final relaxation) either as a supporting prop or a challenging variation. This is why Yoga-Hooping is suitable for every age and every fitness level, whether total hoop beginner or yoga professional..

Yoga-Hooping is not only great fun and a very efficient work out, it also is a great balance for your daily routine or other challenging sports. Lisa Looping is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance diploma

Saturday – 9-10am Upstairs
– Hooping Yoga

Sunday – 9-10am Upstairs
– Hooping Yoga