Main workshops from:

Each of the main workshops runs twice over the weekend. The participants will be split into two groups and be allocated times for these workshops. Please only take workshops at your allotted times so everyone has a chance to take the workshops!

Also see optional workshop leaders and what’s going on in the chill space.


Babz promo 2Hoopie Award winner for both for Instructor and Tutorial of the Year, Babz hails from Canmore, Alberta, Canada where she has been rocking the hoop since 2003. A pioneer and iconic hooper on the platforms of Shambahla , Motion Notion and other festivals throughout Western Canada, she has always been passionate about sharing her skills, enthusiasm, and love of all things squishy.

Babz has been teaching hooping workshops at festivals and on her home turf, training hoopers who have gone on to teach their own classes across Canada and beyond. She’s well-known for her awesomely advanced, professional and incredibly helpful hooping tutorials that she shares with the world for fun and for free. If Babz is making something, it’s gonna be good!

SWhoop 2014 Workshop:

Get funky with Babz!

Looking for a challenge? Babz plans to tie you in knots with crazy combos and leg focused moves including various breaks and we’ll try to iron out those kinks in your scissor switches. Come prepared to flail!


Revolva promo 2014After a lifetime of dancing and word slinging, writer/performer Revolva added hoops to her repertoire in 2002. Audiences around the globe have never been the same. Over the years, Revolva has worked with variety superstars (The Flying Karamazov Brothers, The World Famous Pontani Sisters), thrilled corporate clients (Yahoo!, Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey), been support entertainment for amazing bands (Weird Al Yankovic, OkGo, Los Straitjackets) — and somehow managed to collect one and a half Master’s degrees, in the process. Currently based in Oakland, CA, Revolva fuses hoop skills with writing chops to prove that storytelling and the movement arts are a truly dynamic

SWhoop 2014 Workshop:

Power Moves

Whether you are hooping for your reflection in the mirror, or in front of a crowd, nothing makes you feel more like a rock star than nailing a really cool power move. And fortunately, some of the most wicked things that can be done with a hoop—are also totally accessible, even for students who are newer to hooping. Revolva will teach you a variety sampler of movements that travel on-body, off-body and in the air, with variations for a spectrum of skill levels. She will also discuss techniques she’s learned from her years as a professional performer, to enhance the presentation of these movements, for anyone who is interested in taking it to the stage (or even just further enhancing the entertainment factor for your family, friends or cat). The hoop is your guitar. Your moves are your power chords. Let’s rock!

Jo Mondy

Jo promo 2014Jo Mondy started hooping over 5 years ago in Sydney, Australia, and her love of the hoop encouraged her to pack in her day job, get her hoop teacher training certification and start her company Live Love Hoop.

Since moving to the UK in 2010, she has built a strong and vibrant local hoop community in Brighton, England and has taught hundreds of students how to get into the spin.

She is at the forefront of the UK and international hoop scene, teaching at Hoop Camp Retreat California, UK Hoop Gathering, Spanish Hoop Holiday, Manchester Hoop Congress and other specialised workshops around the country. She also teaches online via popular Youtube tutorials. Jo is also an established performer, who has entertained crowds in the UK, Australia, US and Europe at festivals, clubs, weddings, corporate events and private parties.

SWhoop 2014 Workshop:

Twisted Tech

This workshop will be a grab-bag of fun and exciting NEW tricks based on some old faves. You’ll learn twisted and tricky variations on loads of moves including kick-ups, atoms, escalators, isolations, weaves, wedgies and plenty more. AND we will combine these shiny tricks into some sexy combos that will have you flowing in a brand new way. Plus you’ll look at teching up your own favourite moves so you end up with something completely different and unique to you.

This workshop is multilevel, so please bring a second hoop and some extra brain power so you can work on the more challenging versions

Henna Matanuska

Henna Matanuska I scheduled this workshop in 2013 early in the morn so it didn’t have a high attendance but the feedback was incredible so I’ve asked Henna back to do it again with added floor acro and wedgies 🙂

Henna has a background in contemporary dance, ballet and theatre, but when she started hooping in 2006 it changed her life! She is an open and supportive teacher and has travelled around Latvia, Germany, Sweden and England to share her workshops and performances.

SWhoop 2014 Workshop:

“Dance on the Floor”

This workshop we working the floor technique from contemporary dance with hoop. We add some acro moves and doing some get up moves with twisted wedgies. Get on the FLOOR and DANCE!

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