The wonderful Kev at Spinning @ provides us with the chill out space!

Open everyday, all day for people to chill, snooze, drink tea and coffee, eat chocolate and maybe even indulge in the odd ukulele sing a long!

Perfect place to recuperate between workshops and play sessions!

In 2014 the chill out space will be completely separated from the workshop space when the wall between the two spaces is finished (that was part of the building work going on in 2013). This means we can add in some sit down workshops. Watch out in 2014 for Chill Out Space for contact juggling and ukulele workshops!

Thanks Alice Rose for the great picture!

SWhoop 2014 Chill Space Workshops and Forums

Juliana – Chill Out Forums

GILLING_04_GOMER copyJuliana is a nationally and internationally published journalist who writes for newspapers, magazines, business publications and websites. Her credits include the Guardian, National Geographic Traveler (US), the Daily Express and Woman’s World. She taught a publicity workshop at SWhoop 2013.

Juliana will be running two workshops in the chill space this year:

How to write a press release

A good press release can get you valuable publicity. In this session we’ll explore the tricks and tools to achieve the perfect press release, while pointing out the pitfalls to avoid. Also, there’s an opportunity to ask any specific questions that relate to your situation.

Magical Mind Walk

Close your eyes and join me on a journey into your imagination. I’ll take you on a guided ‘mind walk’, weaving a story in which you’re the star. We’ll discover magic, mayhem and marvellous creatures, bringing your creative writing ideas to life along the way.

Craft Hour with Stacey and Heather

Get Bunted!

buntingEveryone loves a bit of bunting, so come and learn to make it – no sewing required.

Fancy Pants

Do you like sequins and glitter???


Then you should definitely come along to our decorate your knickers workshop.
Get creative with glitter, sequins, lace, and paint and glam up those knickers!

You can never have too much sparkle in your life!
Please provide your own pants

Emma Hooping Mad – Ukulele

emma uke dublinBring your uke along! They’ll be a beginners workshop and some sing-a-longs in the chill out space. In October Emma will have been playing uke for nearly 2yrs and although still only a beginner herself, she has a ton of easy songs to share. Plus we’ll throw in some hoopuke aka hulalele for you as well for the adventurous among you 😛

Andrew Batcheler – Contact Juggling

drew and mithi An introduction to contact juggling from Bristol local Drew.

Drew had been manipulating since ’96 and is a bit of an all rounder with crazy skills with Multiball Contact juggling, 1 ball contact, Bodyrolling, Hat & cane, Balls, Poi, Contact Staff and Clubs. More recently (since ’04) he’s added Swing Dancing, Charleston Dancing, and Skating to the mix. You may recognise his lovely, also mega talented wife Mithi who taught a highly popular Charleston class at SWhoop in 2011! It’s an awesome family

He has previously ran workshops at many Juggling and Manipulation events including: Uberpoi Edinburgh 2005. Play Festival 2005/6, Bristol Juggling Convention 1997-2007, European Juggling Convention 2001/02/03/04/06, British Juggling convention 2000-04+07 but he’s been on a hiatus for a few years from teaching and I’m really glad he’s coming back to teach at SWhoop 🙂

Check out his collaborative blog Ministry of Manipulation for some insane inspiration. It’s kind of like for manipulators with a ridiculous skill level. Worth a watch 🙂

Perhaps we’ll start with one but here’s some inspiration nonetheless 🙂

Grace Billings – Handstands


Grace is pretty much good at all the things be it poi, staff or splitting 8 hoops! So when our handstand teacher couldn’t make it we knew just who to turn to for a replacement.

Shown in this vid with Loz Because who will also be at SWhoop and performing in the Saturday showcase 🙂

Hannes GlowFire – Poi

Hannes poiHannes will cover the basic principles of how to move two spinning objects in different directions and timings and how to turn with it. Most of the stuff you will learn you can use for your individual level of poi and also for your 2-hoop-playing. For specific Poi tricks you are very welcome to ask Hannes for little individual lessons during free play and evenings or when you see him bored…

Note from Emma – people don’t get bored at SWhoop Hannes 😛

Hannes started spinning staff in 2005 and after his first fire-convention (Feuerkunst Berlin) in 2006 he added Poi and double-staff to his repertoire. He began teaching workshops in 2007 and realised that he enjoyed teaching even more than performing in shows. He has taught frequently at Festivals, Conventions and in spontaneous interaction.

We’ll be trying without the ball on the head first I think 😛