Burlesque & the Hoop with Lolli hoops

This workshop aims to provide a hooper with 3 foundational pieces to explore to the extent he or she is ready to:
1 the use of character and story telling within an act, we explore this through different archetypes and movements associated with them
2 the use of costuming and clothing to convey a message and as interactive pieces with the hoop ~ this does not necessarily mean strip tease by any means~ clothing is under utilized as a prop when manipulating the hoop
3 clothing removal & reveals AS HOOP MOVES, anyone can take off their shirt, you do it every day, but not everyone can take of her shirt and incorporate it into an interesting, often unexpected move that involves and is timed with hooping, and this is where the fun of hoop-strip-tease comes in. Though it does not only pertain to sexy stripping, it can be used in clowning and silly acts for all ages, we will pump p the creativity here

Poi hooping past the Weaves with Emma Hornell

If you started poihooping but got stuck after the three beat weave, no need to worry in this workshop we will be working on huggies, flowers and my favorite poihooping move, a antispin catseye pattern.

Group Hoop Choreography

V’s troupe, The Hoop Unit has been nominated as Performance Group of the Year on Hooping.org for 3 years running! It is a very unique group that incorporates choreography, theatricality and a fusion of many dance forms. This workshop will give you lots of ideas for Hoop moves that work well in groups. We will cover counting the music and creating dynamic choreography that reflects the music’s changes. Short combos or choreographies will be introduced for you to use at home with friends and expand on. We will also go over staging formations that are effective from the audience’s viewpoint.

Get rid of your hoop – its all about the face!

with Lisa Lu

We will drop and use the hoop as a tool in its shape and losing its shape.
In this workshops we will learn how to throw, flip and snap the hoop. How to get rid of them and catch them back in diffrent ways. From hand to hand, from elbow to hand or from the floor up your hand or the other way around.
In the end you will be less scared to lose your hoop!
Lets have some fun!
The “”all about the face”” workshop was developed for NZ Hoopfest in inspiration of Marianna de Sanctis!”

Dance on the Floor with Henna Matanuska

Henna MatanuskaIn this workshop you will learn to go down in gently and do your magic on the floor. Mixing contemporary dance techniq to hoopdance. Just get down and Dance on the Floor!

Get Out of Your Head, Get Into the Hoop

with Tracey Chin

Inspired by observations made by other hoopers, her Dance Movement Therapy training and her own internal messages, Tracey has created this workshop to focus specifically on taking a more personal look at the relationship between the hooper and the hoop. Thus, this workshop will be looking at “”Why Do YOU Hoop?

Through discussion, exercises and general playing around, we will be exploring how and why we got into the hoop in the first place as well as looking at some of the negative feelings that I’ve noticed in myself and others’, such as “”I’m so frustrated!””, “”I can’t dance”” or “”I feel so self-conscious””.

The workshop will be suitable for beginners-advanced, as the emphasis will be based on what they CAN do, rather than what they can’t (although there is still room for challenge!).

The aim is for the participant to gain more personal enjoyment out of the hoop and to remember (or gain awareness of) why they got into hooping in the first place.

Conditioning: a powerful Hoopathlete can make all things look effortless with Bee Varga

The conditioning element of hooping is often overlooked although lots of people are attracted to hooping in the first place to get fitter and stronger. With hoops one can indeed sculpt the body of a goddess and still enjoy the challenges and joys of performing spectacular tricks. To feel the burn and get your heart rate up is possible with a hoop or 2… power and explosive movement is going to make your hooping look more graceful, athletic and effortless and transform your body. Coming from a former Soviet Union country I know how to get the most out of people 😉 taking no prisoners 😀

Acro-hoop with Satya Bella and Grace Billings

Photo by Miguel Angel Elizondo

They’re two of the best hoopers on the planet. They travel internationally entertaining the world with FlameOz but they;ll be in Bristol in November to teach you how to do acrohoop. Learn a ton of cool tricks AND how to do them safely.

Hooping Yoga with Lisa Looping

In this workshop we are exploring how to cheer up any yoga practise through integrating your favourite toy – the beloved hula hoop.

Beeing a certified “Aerial Yoga“ teacher I enjoy a lot to look for new ways how to use the benefits of yoga excersise in all kinds of daily activities.

Inspired by traditional yoga postures we will work on enriching your performance repertoire with new elements.

Even if you have never done yoga before, this might be your chance to give it a go and see if you can take some advantage in those training methods for your hooping warm-up, cool down and stretching.

Ho Flo & Dutty Trix with Zoe Pither and Cat Jameson

There’s the art of burlesque… and then there’s this workshop! Embrace your inner sniggering teenager and engage your ho flo.

Fascinated by the smutty moves that one can achieve with a hula hoop, Cat and Zoe have spent hours playing with their circles in a bid to outdo each other with their dirty tricks. They have now come together to bring you ‘Ho Flo & Dutty Trix’.. a workshop to delight and titillate.

This workshop is not about looking sexy with your hoop. It is about pushing beyond the boundaries of your normal hooping practises. By making every move into a smutty joke we will explore new ways of interacting with the hoop and rediscover the playfulness of hooping. Cat and Zoe will teach new tricks that they have discovered through exploring ho flo and encourage you to find new ‘dutty’ versions of old favourites. Expect laughter and prodigious use of body parts you don’t usually hoop with!

Outrageous, silly, raucous, bawdy but occasionally useful moves! The emphasis is on fun and experimentation with your hoop. Single and partner work involved.

Heads Up! with Julia Higgins

Let your head be more than a funnel to your stomach, even though SWHoop chocolate and pies may demand otherwise. We’ve all accidentally hooped on our faces at some point. Turn it to your advantage! This workshop teaches you to hoop on your head, using the area of your face that you are most comfortable with. It then explores head hooping as a departure for other tricks and movement concepts, and using your hair to manipulate the hoop. If you have short hair, bring a large scarf made of thin material to use as a substitute. A polypro hoop is essential for this workshop if you value your glowing countenance.

Juggling with Steve Bags

We all know Bags can hoop and we know he likes juggling hoops but he was a ball juggler first so he’s going to teach you all the basics of juggling. Trust SWhoop to have Male hooper of the year teaching Juggling 😛

Please bring your own balls if you have them.

Poi with Kay Dent

Never spun poi before? Want to learn a new prop or increase your abilities with twin hooping? This workshop is perfect for opening up new possibilities for you with any prop, improving coordination and introducing you to the core foundations of poi.
This workshop covers planes, timing, turning, weaves, butterfly variations and reels, no previous poi experience necessary. Poi will be provided in class but to increase the numbers able to take the workshop please bring your own poi if possible.
Don’t be put off if you have struggled with poi or twin hooping before, this workshop is broken down into simple movements that everyone can learn. due to having Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Kay has developed the ability to teach complex movements in the simplest of ways , gaining her acclaim for her skills at teaching beginner poi to a range of ages. There is something for everyone with this class, so why not venture out into playing with a new prop, you can even knee hoop at the same time

Kay will have some spare poi (and some for sale) but please bring some along if you have them.

Jump in! with Kim Robertson and Cat Lodge

Photo by Dennis Rewt

This class will cover a number of rope jump elements –

Single short rope:
Simple jumping (single and double time, good form)
Fancy footwork (straddles (side and front/back), alternate foot (speed step), skier, toe-tap)
Fancy jumps (cross overs and double-unders)

Partner short rope:
Double rope sharing
Jumping in partner’s rope

Single long rope:
An alternative for those not quite ready to go Dutch!
One long rope, two turners, multiple jumpers – getting in, getting out, jumping the rope (plus variations). Everyone to take turns at turning and at jumping.

Double long rope:
Two ropes, two turners, multiple jumpers – getting in, jumping, getting out. Variations include turning, crouching, jumping single rope at same time(!). Everyone to take turns at turning and at jumping.

Samba and Afro-Brazilian Dance with Evie

Evie Gkatzioufa trained in Brazil in the styles of Samba, Samba-Reggae and Afro-Brazilian, she continuous attending numerous workshops throughout Europe, as part of her Professional Development. (Certified by ILE AIYE, Salvador, Bahia, in Brazilian Dance and the University of Pennsylvania in World Music) Evie is currently the Dance Director of Bristol Samba and she also runs popular weekly classes and workshops, at the Dance Centre and the Folk House, in Bristol. She leads her own performance company “SAMBAZINHAS”.

The Dance Workshop focuses on the vibrant and colourful spirit of Brazilian Carnival and Samba. Working on the whole body, starting slow and gradually building up into a complete choreography, the experienced tutor helps you master elements of Samba-Reggae and Samba Rio Carnival. Experience a complete body workout, while dancing to vivid music. Muscles are strengthened and defined, while simultaneously improving posture and providing excellent cardiovascular benefits.