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Each of the main workshops runs twice over the weekend. The participants will be split into two groups and be allocated times for these workshops. Please only take workshops at your allotted times so everyone has a chance to take the workshops!

Nick G

Nick Guzzardo has become known as a prodigy in the hooping society. With a background in dance, gymnastics and diving, he first picked up a hoop in 2010. Since then, Nick has taught and performed at multiple hoop events, festivals and retreats around the country. A winner of the 2011 Hoopie awards and member of the Electric Forest Hoop Troop, Nick is still somewhat of a newbie in the scene. His innovative and precise movements combined with his style of dance and “Head Hooping” is what makes him a unique and inspiring talent in the community.

SWhoop 2013 Workshop:


Sharna Rose

My own Hoop Dance journey began at the start of 2006 when Hoop Dance in the UK was in its infancy. I had been using an acu/exercise hoop and although I had great fun dancing with my hoop on my core it gave me severe internal bruising. About the same time the doctor asked me to stop I discovered and found instructions on how to make my own dance hoop. I have not looked back since.

There were no hoop dance teachers in the UK (that I was aware of) when I started making and selling hoops on ebay. I had no one to hoop with and all my moves were learnt from the internet… even youtube was in its infancy! I was obsessed at first and spent hours everyday hooping in my house and garden. It was during this time that I developed my own strong personal style. Through my mistakes I learnt some valuable lessons about modifying how I react, move and how I respond. If you ever study with me you’ll discover that this is a strong element in my teaching methods.

My life has dramatically changed since I started hooping. My last child had just started school and I had no idea what to do with my life. I felt directionless and was about to start working in the local supermarket. Now I have my own growing hoop business and I have many hoop dance friends both in the Uk and from across the globe. I love my life 🙂

I have found the endless creative possibility of hoop dancing has been able to sustain my interest for all these years…. this is no mean feat as I have dipped in and out of creative and physical interests my whole life. I love that hoop dance is such a great workout without it feeling like a chore. If I could I would hoop all day everyday.

I hope that my website will fill you with inspiration and open your eyes to the fantastic creative potential inherent in man kind… expressed joyfully through hoop dance. No two hoopers are alike but all can inspire and awaken your inner dancer and reconnect you to your innerspin. Love, Laugh and Live in joy 🙂

SWhoop 2013 Workshop:


Nick Broyd

Nick has only been hooping since September 2010. He was the first Hooping Mad Apprentice, attending multiple classes to fast track his hooping journey. He has become an accomplished hooper fast and gained international recognition, winning the worldwide hooping competition, Hooping Idol 2011, which is run by

Nick has taught at the Italian Hoop Convention, Spanish Hoop Holiday, UKHG, Brighton Flow Fest and has performed at SWhoop 2012. This year he will be teaching at Manchester Hoop Congress, the Spanish Hoop Holiday and will be a main workshop leader at SWhoop 2013.

SWhoop 2013 Workshop:


Kenna Hoops

Kenna Hoops is a hugely experienced teacher and has run regular classes and workshops across the UK for the last 4 years and now teaches worldwide through her online workshops.

She has taught hundreds of people to hoop and her student base includes hoop stars in their own right like Nick “Hoop Idol” Broyd and Elise ‘hoopelise’ Falla.

She almost single-handedly built the Bristol hoopdance community to the multiple award winning state it is now (Best Hooping Community Hoopie and Revolvie 2012). She was nominated for Fire Hooper of the Year and Female Hooper of the Year in the 2013 Hoopies.

She is also responsible for Hooping Mad and SWhoop!

Her trick filled videos, clear and comprehensive teaching style, fearless approach to fire hooping and dedicated passion for heckling has won her many loyal fans.

SWhoop 2013 Workshop:

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