Main workshops from:

Each of the main workshops runs twice over the weekend. The participants will be split into two groups and be allocated times for these workshops. Please only take workshops at your allotted times so everyone has a chance to take the workshops!

Beth Lavinder

Beth Lavinder has been hooping for nearly 10 years, ever since she was first handed a hoop by the woman who would later become known as Spiral. She’s been a part of the Carrboro hooping scene since that first spin under the big oak tree on the Weaver Street Lawn and has been a longtime student of Jonathan Baxter of the HoopPath since he started classes 6 1/2 years ago. While Beth considers herself very lucky to have been able to travel far and wide, connecting to hoop communities at gatherings around the US, the UK and Japan both as a participant and an instructor, the HoopPath has always held her heart and is her homebase. The imagery and metaphor of the HoopPath approach both guide her interactions with the hoop and reflect similar dynamics in her interactions in the world in general. That being said, HoopPathers are also really just geeks at heart and find a lot of pleasure in the breaking down of moves and in the attention to the smallest detail and gesture. This technical aspect of hoopdance holds its own delights and discoveries and Beth looks forward to sharing some of her favorite hoop techniques with you.

SWhoop 2012 Workshop:

“Speaking Softly”

Speaking softly is one of the most intimate and effective ways to communicate. We can assert and express ourselves in a subtle, nuanced voice at the same time that we speak with a quiet and certain authority. Beth’s workshop will focus on new ways to interact with the hoop that will explore movement both familiar and unfamiliar, on-body and off-body. We will push the edge of what is possible when we soften our engagement, release our grip, and focus on the nuances of our connection with our hoop, blurring the line between ourselves and our prop. As we explore the techniques of Tracing, 2-point Manipulation, Core work, Lifts & Drops, and Rolling, we will alternate between guiding and influencing the hoop’s current and allowing the hoop’s current to guide us and shape us. When we participate fully in intricacies of this exchange of energy, our conversations and connection with our hoop have the potential to go into deeper and more meaningful territory.


My name is Tiana Zoumer and I’ve been hooping for just over 3 years, and have been obsessed with it for the same amount of time. You may either know me as Wantonamara from my youtube channel or as Brecken Rivara’s hoop partner, or maybe not at all. Either way, here’s some insight on my approach to hooping. Hooping is a flow art, which to me, means that it’s intrinsically limitless and indefinable, which is why I seek to explore new, untapped inspiration every time I spin. Music and Dance are the two main flow arts which I use as inspiration and I seek to use my hoop not only as a partner but as a vehicle for rhythmic and spiritual expression. I teach because it gives me the opportunity to learn, not only by having to deepen my understanding of my own movement in order to relay it to others, but mainly because I connect to so many hoopers in one space and I very much feel like a student of mutual inspiration. I like to hoop with every inch of my body and with every ounce of focus and energy I have to give. I’ll teach not only techniques that I geek out on, but we’ll explore the space of wiling out to music to build the energy for exploration and inspiration. Can’t wait to meet you all! Much love and thanks.

SWhoop 2012 Workshop:

“Become one with the beat”

In this workshop we’ll explore the body top to toe in a way which will deepen our ability to respond to music and allow us to view the hoop at times as an extension of the body and always as a dance partner. We’ll open up new channels of movement using both reflex and manipulation that will allow us both greater control of our flow and heighten our ability to react with intention to create new movement instinctually. The quality of magic is the display of a deep understanding; in this case, a hoopers quality of magic comes from their total understanding of their body’s dynamics as well as the hoops dynamics and being tuned into both simultaneously. By the end of this workshop we’ll view our bodies as roadmaps and energetic sources and our hoops as partners and an infinite channel. And most likely be grotesquely sweaty. See you there!


Rico TatouRico is French but is mostly a traveller and festival addict. He started hooping in 2007, in Australia, and soon began to develop hooping and dancing with a hat. The mix was a great success in Europe. He teaches Hoopdance around the world and loves it! Rico has been performing since 2010 including performances in the biggest fire show in the EU and Burning Man 2011.

SWhoop 2012 Workshop:

“Shoulder hooping – Rico-style”

Asymmetrical angle hooping, vertical hooping or wave hooping… the workshop is based on a technique to hoop vertically while keeping the body in an upright position. The effect is achieved with a combination of belly-dance and contact-staff skills. I often say “my contact staff is round”. We’ll work on top body only! The workshop is quite physically demanding but for all levels. I developed a special curriculum to teach this technique, after years and several masters-level classes. Today students acquire a set of moves and postures which serve as a foundation on which to build ‘rico-style” specifically. As well as this the workshop participants will learn advanced transitions to flow smoothly from one move to another. These techniques radically improve flow, balance and expand what participants are able to do.

Steve Bags

Bags is a professional teacher and performer from the UK who has been formally trained at Circomedia – Europe’s leading centre for contemporary circus and physical theatre. Bags’ recent achievements include: winning the 2011 Hoopie for Tutorial of the Year (for “Bags of Poop 1.0”); being nominated for Male Hooper and Hoop Instructor of the Year 2012; winning four Revolvies; founding the Bristol Hoop Massive; and becoming a teacher at Hooping University. He is an innovative and multi-disciplined performer who has a strong passion for circus in all it’s forms – but just at the moment you’re unlikely to find him anywhere other than inside a hoop!

SWhoop 2012 Workshop:

Doubled up

Juggling and object manipulation inspired moves to spice up your twin hooping.

Bring 2 light hoops.