SWhoop code of conduct

Guidelines on how to have the best time!

Please always wear your name badge somewhere obvious.

Please put all extra hoops, bags, coats etc in the designated cloackroom area in the chill out space. NOT at the sides or around pillars. This maximises the space we can use for hooping!


Drink plenty of water

Listen to your body. Rest when you need to

Stay warm
There are plenty of blankets in the chill out area to borrow or you could bring your own.

Take care of your possessions. Do not leave valuables lying around.

Free Playtime is important. Hang out, hoop, share tricks with others, help others and ask if you want to know something.


Talk to the people you don’t know. Sit next to them at meal times. Everyone at SWhoop is lovely and well worth getting to know

Take pictures, videos etc. If you have footage of people hooping/performances/recaps please check with them if it is ok to post before you put it online.

Leave any stresses, disagreements or feuds at the door. SWhoop is a safe and friend filled space.

Tell us if there’s something wrong. HM staff will be in Orange T-shirts and will be happy to help you with any problems.

At Mealtimes:

Please don’t harass the Orange Team at mealtimes. They will get you your food, I promise! Crowding the kitchen area or ‘hovering’ around the food prep area to be first in the queue is unnecessary and makes the staff feel uncomfortable. Thanks for your cooperation 🙂

All the food is labelled and allergens we know have been separated from the main dishes.  All food will be labelled with ingredients  🙂

Please avoid piling your plate high when you first go to get food.  We know it looks amazing but it saves on waste if you take a standard amount and then come back for seconds when it’s called.

Please don’t take the specialist food (eg. Gluten Free bread at breakfast) unless you told me on your registration form that you had special dietary requirements. Please double check with the kitchen staff that all special dietary needs participants have had their meals before you take anything labelled as such. Thanks.

Please return your plates and mugs at the end of the meal to the boxes provided

Please wait until everyone has had food and the Oranges have called seconds before coming for more

In Workshops:

Please respect workshop leaders and don’t chat in the back of the class whether you’re taking part in the class or not. If you want to chat please go to the chill space or outside.

If you feel a workshop is too basic for you then: think about E.M.M.A. (see what I did there! 😛 ) There’s always something you can focus your attention on to make the trick (however simple) look/feel/flow better.
o E = Eyeline
o M = Mouth
o M = Movement
o A = other Arm/Appendages
OR Take a break. Have a snooze.  Eat some chocolate. Check out the crafts area.  There are many workshops at SWhoop so deciding to leave one and have a rest might mean you enjoy the next one more.
OR Leave the workshop for some free playtime

Please do not just practice in the workshop space itself as it is distracting for the teacher and the other students. Bring some headphones 🙂 There is space in the covered outside area to have a play.

If you’re feeling like a workshop is too advanced for you then take it at your own pace and practice the basics. They’ll be a recap at the end that you can film and take home with you so you don’t need to rush through and frustrate yourself.
OR Take a break. Have a snooze.  Eat some chocolate. Check out the crafts area!
OR Leave the workshop for some free playtime.