SWhoop Ticket price DOES NOT include accommodation.

If you stay with a group of SWhoopers and don’t mind sharing a double bed then it’s possible to get 4 nights accom in an apartment for around £100.  This will increase depending on the level of luxury and privacy you want.  This page has loads of info on local accom.

Please note that the main venue address is:

Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, St Jude’s, Bristol BS2 0NW, United Kingdom

Ideal is to find somewhere walking distance to the venue.

If you are brining a car please be aware parking is difficult in the area so look out for accom offering free parking if you’ll need it.  You can park at the venue but it is a pay and display car park.  More transport info here.

If you do not have anyone to stay with in Bristol then your best option is to find a group to share an Airbnbs or an Apartment from Booking.com.

There’s tons of local Airbnbs / apartments and quite a few SWhoopers choose this option. If you want to share costs then check on the SWhoop FB group for anyone looking for people to share with.

If you want to share with people but don’t know people/ don’t get replies via the fb group then EMAIL ME and I will connect you with other hoopers in the same position 🙂

There are a number of Apartments available on booking.com all very close to the Trinity Centre ranging from as low as £370 with quite a few in the £400- 700 range. You can make a group and search for apartments for however many people you want beds for.

Eg. There’s this one for 6 people (if you don’t mind sharing double beds) thats 17mins walk away that would work out about £180 each for 4 nights Thurs-Mon.

For 4 people there’s this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom one (£643 = same as a hotel for 2 sharing, great deal for 4 if you don’t mind sharing beds) or this 2 bed, 1 bathroom one  (£671 = same as a hotel for 2 sharing, great deal for 4 if you don’t mind sharing beds)

There are often Airbnb spaces going nearer to the event as spaces open up – You can check posts on the SWhoop FB group 🙂

Even if you are keen for privacy and your own room, apartments are often cheaper, nicer and closer to the Trinity that booking a hotel.

It’s worth checking booking.com and Airbnb for the best prices because sometimes the same apartments are on both.

If you really prefer to stay in a hotel – here is some info:

Please note that Breakfast will be provided at SWhoop on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings so there is no need to book this at your accommodation unless you feel you need extra.

Of the options below. The Hilton Hotel and the Moxy are the closest.  The Ibis Bristol Temple Meads is the cheapest hotel room at £319 for 2 people with twin beds for 4 nights.

Prices stated are from a search carried out on booking.com on 16th Nov 2022 assuming 2 people sharing 1 room for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights (5-9th October 2022). 

The event starts 11am on Thursday and ends 4pm on Monday so you may also want to book for Wed and Mon nights but many people chose to come to Bristol Thurs to Mon this year so I have stated the prices for the 4 nights.

Prices may vary. I’ve put them in order of proximity to the main venue….

(If you find out any of this info is out of date/incorrect then please let me know so I can change it (email info@hoopingmad.co.uk))

The Hilton Garden Inn Bristol City Centre on Temple Way is only a 9min walk from the venue. For 2 people in 1 room (Thurs-Mon) – room only, no breakfast = £531 (double bed or twin room).

Moxy Bristol is only a 9min walk from the venue.- £676  for a queen room or  twin room for 4 Nights

Leonardo Hotel Bristol City s only a 9min walk from the venue & has Double Rooms for the 4 nights for £433

The Future Inn is also a 10min walk away. For 2 people in 1 room, room only, no breakfast (Thurs-Mon) was £456 (queen bed), £507 (2 x  beds) for 4 nights! Included FREE PARKING. Currently only taking bookings up to Sept 2023 so wait a few weeks if you want to book this.

The Bristol Marriott Hotel on Lower Castle Street (make sure it’s the right one!) is only a 10min walk from the venue. For 2 people in 1 room (Thurs-Mon) – room only, no breakfast = £455 (double bed)/ £609 (2 x double beds).

Hotel Ibis Bristol Temple Meads Quay 13mins walk away (the city centre Ibis is listed below and is 30mins walk away). 2 people in 1 room (Thurs-Mon) = £319  for 4 nights for a room with twin beds or a room with a double bed.

Hotel Hampton by Hilton Bristol City Centre 15mins walk away. 2 people in 1 room (Thurs-Mon) = approximately £486 (queen bed with breakfast) or £516 (twin room with breakfast) for 4 nights!

The Rock & Bowl Motel Youth Hostel is a 17min walk away. You cant book online this far in the future.  It’s £300 for Thurs – Mon for a 4 -bed private room = £75 each for the 4 nights. You can also get a bed in the 12 person dorm for £20/night = £80 for the 4 nights.  It’s cheap but the venue has a bar and bowling alley underneath the rooms so please note that it can be noisy at night and the reviews aren’t great. If you’re intend to be trying for early starts this probably isn’t the best idea. I DON’T RECOMMENDED STAYING HERE but I’ve left it in as it will come up in your searches.

Novotel Bristol Centre is a 20min walk from the venue. 2 people in 1 room (Thurs-Mon) = £438 for 4 nights (double bed only).

The Full Moon Attic Bar Youth Hostel is an 18min walk from the venue. It is at the start of Stokes Croft, the self titled ‘cultural quarter’ where you’ll see a load of great graffiti and the location for some great bars and clubs. Also very close to the centre and the main shopping mall (Cabot Circus).  Lots of options but doesn’t book very far in advance. £136/bed for the 4 nights per bed in 4 person dorms. A shared Airbnb or apartment from Airbnb will be cheaper and nicer than this I think.

SOLD OUT FOR THESE DATES: The YHA Youth Hostel in the city centre is a 25min walk away. It is located right next to the waterfront and near the cathedral, university area and main shops. Bed in single sex dorm = £35/night but it is currently saying no availability.

Loads more on Booking.com

Bristol Hoopers

There are a small number of hoopers in Bristol coming to SWhoop and some of these hoopers may offer to host out of town SWhoopers.  Mostly they are hosting staff.  It is quite hard to find people these days due to a huge amount of non-Bristolian people coming to SWhoop.

Hooping Mad will not be coordinating the pairings.

Please hunt for a Bristol Hooper/ Friend of hoopers willing to host you by posting on the following fb groups:
SWhoop group
Bristol Hoopers
Bristol Hoop Jam
UK hoopers

We would ask visiting hoopers to discuss an arrangement with your host which may be bringing them wine or cake 😛

If you are offering to host by posting on one of the fb groups:
Please state name and email, number of spaces/what’s available eg beds/sofas/floor space, how you’ll be getting to the venue, if you are a smoking/non-smoking house, if you have any pets.

If you are looking for a place to stay by posting on one of the fb groups:
Please state name and email, what you’d be happy with, smoker/non-smoker, pet allergies and which nights you’ll need to stay in Bristol.


Alternatively you could try Couch Surfing

Note from Emma: Let me know if you if you are struggling to find somewhere to stay and I’ll help out where I can