A new addition to SWhoop!

You’ll find it off the main hall upstairs. A small room dedicated to resting and relaxing.

– Silence please
– Space is for silent reading, colouring, mediation and/or sleeping
– Adults only space (no kids allowed)

It’s not completely silent because they’ll be workshops going on next door BUT you’ll find Ear Plugs (if you take a set please keep them and reuse them) in case you want to have a sleep/you want to block out the noise and have some quiet time.

Book Exchange

There will be a mini bookshelf of books to read and swap. Please bring books to swap if you have any. This feature of SWhoop is new and we hope you’ll love it.

Colouring Corner

It’s the new home of Colouring Corner. Take a rest, grab some pencils and select one of the many printed colouring sheets. Just like meditation, colouring also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate free-floating anxiety. Also gives your body a rest 😛

Colouring competition: Get creative because there’s a prize for the best colouring sheet at the end of SWhoop 🙂

All materials are provided! Unless you have fave pencils/pens you want to bring along 🙂