These optional workshops are 1hr long and can be attended by anyone at the event.

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c section chris hoop, hoop retreat, hoop convention, hula hoop
Nova, hoop retreat, hoop convention, hula hoop
Jane Fondle

Loren DL

Another of the Hooping Mad Advanced Teacher Training participants with an exceptional workshop chosen by the other participants to share it at SWhoop.

Amber Pamba – Iso Whips

Amber’s Iso Whip workshop was a big at Hooping Mad Advanced Teacher Training. It was so perfect for SWhoop. I’m thrilled to have her on the teacher team this year.

Amber is a Brighton based hooper and exceptional teacher who is also a big fan of acro yoga.

Mike Hayataka- Quads

Mike has been hooping for over 6 years and in that time has fallen in love with hooping and teaching object manipulation technique. With his unique style and liquid flow he’s now taking his over 5 years of teaching experience to the flow community. His analytical teaching style informs intuitive, hard to explain concepts, through single technique-based breakdowns.

Sky Flow Artist

Sky Flow Artist is a hula hoop performer and instructor born in Brighton, UK. Starting ballet at the age of 4, Sky has been performing on stage for most of her life. At 11 years of age Sky was selected to be a part of the British National Team for rhythmic gymnastics. As a gymnast she won numerous medals at the British Championships and competed abroad representing Great Britain at international competitions. She has been trained in the UK, Bulgaria, Mexico and Spain to a very high level in a wide variety of dance, gymnastics and circus styles which she now combines into her unique and captivating hula hoop performances. She absolutely loves to share her passion for hooping and incredible skills with others.

Ina Hoopina

Ina’s passion for Hoopdance started in 2010 and accompanied her in various ways. She taught herself most of the hoop tricks and started teaching hoopdance in 2011 in Hannover.

Ina teaches and performs hoopdance in her hometown Göttingen, at juggling conventions, national and international hoop events. Students appreciate her relaxed, thoroughly, patient and comprehensive teaching during her workshops, online classes and online tutorials. Ina is able to explain the most complicated move in a way that everyone in the class gets the trick!

C-Section aka Chris

After seeing Chris perform at GHC2016 and teach at EJC I knew I had to bring him to SWhoop. Since then he’s been blowing the minds of everyone he meets with his unique hoop tech and extravagant performances. You are going to love him just as much as I do 🙂

Marilyn ‘Nova’ White – Body Identity

Marilyn Nova has been hooping for about 2 years now. But she is not only hooping – she’s working as an artist doing photographics, circus, dance and theatre. But not only her jobs are variegated, she’s too.

“We will warm up our body, start getting in touch with it, part by part. But not only alone – work with a partner and the group. Be blind and feel what will happen.
Body identity is a kind of theatre dance.”

Kristin Lahoop – Hoop Workshop

Kristin discovered hooping in 2010 at a juggling convention, where it all started with a simple trick. Afterwards it has become a passion and now it is more and more the centre of her life. She is strongly influenced by the French Nouveau Cirque and several dances. Her speciality is the combination of hooptricks with rhythmic and storytelling elements, as if the body tells a story through her Hula Hoop. Since 2012 she is performing at hooping events, vaudeville shows, and club nights.

Kristin’s planet hooping workshop and beautiful performance at SWhoop 2015 blew us away and we are very happy she is returning 🙂

Marianna De Sanctis – Hoop Workshop

She’s weird, wacky and crazy skilled. We think Marianna is going to fit in perfectly at SWhoop. 😛

Lila Chupa Hoops – Hoop Workshop

Lila was one of our main teachers in 2015 and we had to ask her back for more! Always awesome!

Reni Hardmeier

Reni is a highly innovative hooper from Switzerland. We are really happy to have her back teaching at SWhoop!

Livi Little

Bristol hooper, Livi is back to teach us her super cool shoulder nonsense 🙂

Miss Jennifer – Handstands

Miss Jennifer will be teaching us all about Handstands