These optional workshops are 1hr long and can be attended by anyone at the event.

Teacher Applications are not CLOSED. Deadline for applications was 10th Jan. All applicants will be contacted by the 1st Feb 🙂

Two of the participants of the Hooping Mad Advanced Teacher Training (ATT) certified in 2018 will be teaching optional workshops at SWhoop.

Many more teachers to be confirmed

Also see Main Workshops and Craft Area Workshops for more!

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Sunny Diz

Sunny Diz from Greece, started hooping in Brighton, UK in 2009, while taking a master course in Architecture and promised herself to find a way to combine hoop dance and architecture for a better and healthier life. She founded Hoopit! in 2012 in order to share the happiness of hooping and the unlimited power of exercising through playing. Sunny spreads the hoop love around the globe with playful hoop tutorials and teaches hoop dance and hoop fitness workshops and classes all over Greece, inspiring people to stay connected to their inner selves and to the power of “now”. She loves travelling the world to meet hoopers and she is the creator of Sunny Hoop Fest, inviting people to visit new places to hoop.

Workshop TBC

Cat Hoops

SWhoop favourite and general amazing human Cat provided us with our finale for 2015 with Power Ballad Yoga and with a hugely well received flow workshop in 2017. As well as being one of the funniest humans on the planet, she also teaches really impressive and moving flow workshops. I’ve already told her she’s back in 2018.

SWhoop Workshop:

Flow Workshop

Cat will encourage you to move by setting exercises to follow – enough structure to help you comfortably break through movement barriers and learned behaviour. Let’s shift the focus from trick ‘perfection’ and unlock different ways of moving.

Suitable for all levels – you just need to listen and let go. It’s your dance.. so do it your way.

Bring a hoop light enough for free movement, an open mind and a quiet tongue, for this meditative movement session.



One, preferably light but your favourite is perfect

Kay Pink Hoops

Kay has been hooping since 2010 has been a professional hoop instructor since 2011. She taught for Hooping Mad for several years in Bristol then taught solo tours around the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia as well as hooping festivals world wide. Growing up struggling with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Kay found different ways around her coordination and learning issues which hugely influenced her teaching style, breaking down tricks in the simplest ways so anyone can understand and grasp them. A finalist in the first ever Hooping Idol, Kay is known for her foot hooping, twins, flow and her award winning Hoop burlesque performances.

Workshop TBC

Tine Mathieu

Tine Mathieu (Saphira) is the creator and founder of ‘Hooping Wonderland’ in Belgium. A snowboard accident left her a badly injured leg, the reason why she discovered the hoop as a low impact form of movement. It was love at first touch! Hooping has become her passion, her life… Pure magic! Since 2015 she is a successful teacher in Belgium known for her technical skills and the ability to break down and teach complex tricks. Due to an injury at the Hooping Mad Advanced Teacher Training event, Tine was forced to think outside the box and come up with an entirely new workshop less focussed on technique. Surprisingly, she now loves to facilitate flow workshops too!

SWhoop Workshop:

Grow your flow

A flow workshop provided as a portal to expand your own hoop magic. We’re all eager to learn new tricks, but when we take the time to let our own creativity flow it can lead to new discoveries. We all have the power to explore and create new combo’s ourself. This workshop will give you a new way to flow in and out of tricks, combining partner exercises with solo exploration. Let’s move from our centre and flow through life!




Prerequisite Catch Up with Emma

Teaching is what I do best so I thought I’d add in a workshop that covers 3 core hoopdance moves that are prereq for other classes.

Some of the SWhoop workshops have prerequisites to ensure that every level of hooper gets loads out of SWhoop. In this class I will be going over a few core moves needed for other classes… which moves will be determined by what other people are teaching. Usually I’d spend more than 20mins on each one but I will run through all the tips I have and this will let you know if you are ready for the other classes and all the tips to practice these if not 🙂


You CANT do these moves! 🙂
This class is for the people that need to learn them!