Expect the usual 5 days of world class hoop workshops, crafts, pole, aerial, dance & more plus amazing food and unlimited chocolate!

Teachers line up is being announced over the next 2 months on the @SWhoopcon IG

SWhoop 2024 – 3rd – 7th October 2024 at the Trinity Arts Centre, Bristol, UK

The events STARTS at 11am THURSDAY 3rd Oct 2023 and CLOSES 3.30pm Monday 7th Oct 2024

There will be recommended meet up activities for before and after 🙂

Please note all prices are in GBP £

OPTION 1: ALL ACCESS Ticket (Food Included) = £590

The standard ticket for HOOPERS 🙂 If you want to do the hoop workshops this is the ticket for you.

Travel to the Venue
Alcoholic drinks (bar will be open Saturday night)

OPTION 2: NON-HOOPER Ticket (Food Included) = £390

The standard ticket for NON-HOOPERS 🙂 There are soooo many workshop spaces at SWhoop, you have the choice of crafts, dance, other flow arts, pole, aerial, discussion groups at every workshop slot. With this ticket you can take part in everything EXCEPT hoop workshops. Perfect for friends or partners that you know would love the event but aren’t interested in hooping!

Travel to the Venue
Alcoholic drinks (bar will be open Saturday night)

OPTION 3: “Hoop Groupie” Ticket (Food Included) = £190

The standard ticket for extras who are going to be at SWhoop but aren’t taking part in any workshops – they are just coming because you are there and it looks fun / you like to do things together 🙂 Perfect for partners/family members/friends who are helping with baby-care or are just hanging out with their loved ones for the shows and general vibe.

Please note that SWhoop is an event for ADULTS. I make occasional exceptions for babies and very small children where childcare is not possible. If you are considering bringing children of any age to SWhoop it must be ok-ed with me, Emma, first. In general, only babies and very small children are allowed and parents are responsible for their children AT ALL TIMES. Please note: Kids cannot take part in workshops and SWhoop staff are not to be treated as childcare /entertainers. If you need another adult to help with childcare then you can get them this “groupie” ticket and they can come and hang out, eat delcious food and enjoy the shows.

If you think your friend/partner/family member will want to take part in some workshops like crafting, ukulele, singing, aerials, discussions, pole, dance etc then consider getting them the NON-HOOPER TICKET INSTEAD

This “Hoop Groupie” ticket must be associated with a full paying ticket holder or a member of SWhoop team.

Workshops at the event
Travel to the Venue
Alcoholic drinks (bar will be open Saturday night)

Food is included as standard:  

All Vegetarian/Vegan meals
– Lunch and Dinner on Thursday
– 3 meals a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
– Breakfast and lunch on Monday
– All snacks/drinks

I strive to improve the food every year and meals include award winning “The Hogless Roast” and “Pieminister” as well as the incredibly delicious “Fi Real”, who make the most delicious vegan carribean food.

The snack stations include tea, coffee, juice, water plus fruit, veg, biscuits, crisps and unlimited vegan artisan chocolate from local maker Radek’s Chocolate.

All the food is vegan apart from some cow’s milk for coffee/tea.
There are always gluten free options.

Non-Food Ticket : you can minus £100 from your ALL ACCESS or NON-HOOP TICKET or £50 off your HOOP GROUPIE TICKET if you are not planning to eat the food at SWhoop.

We recommend you take the ‘food included’ option unless you have serious allergies/preferences.
£100 is only £20/day for multiple meals, all snacks and drinks.
Plus the mealtimes/snack station times are a great opportunity to get to know fellow SWhoopers.
We cater for most SWhoopers but if you have more complex food requirements we may ask you to organise your own food. 
The venue is on a road with many food vendors.

Payment Plan Options:

You can choose to pay for any of the above tickets in full OR by one of the following payment plans for an extra fee:

– PP2 + £20 to total = Split your payment into 2 x monthly payments

– PP4 +£30 to total = Split your payment into 4 x monthly payments

Eg: You choose the ALL ACCESS TICKET and splitting the payments into 4.
PP4 = +£30
£590 + £30 = £620
£620/4 = £155
You will need to make 4 monthly payments of £155

How to Pay:

Registration form will be available below from 5pm UK 1st Dec 2024

When you fill out your form you select which ticket(s) you’d like to buy, if you want to do a payment plan and your banking currency


When I receive your form I will send you a payment link via wise.com.
This link will give you several options to make your payment
If you pay by bank transfer or by wise.com there will usually be no fee
You will have the chance to pay by card – You are responsible for paying any card fees.
You have 48hrs from when you receive your payment link to make your first payment or you will need to register again
Please reply to your Payment info email with a screenshot of your payment


When I receive your form I will send you an invoice for your first payment
You set up and make your first payment using a card
The system will remember your details and take your monthly payments until you have fully paid for your ticket(s)

Cancellation Policy:

If you want to cancel please contact Emma (Hooping Mad). If there is a waiting list for tickets Emma (hooping mad) can help match you with the next person on the waiting list and you can organise the transfer between you. This can be arranged at anytime but Hooping Mad can not guarantee you will find a buyer especially if you are cancelling late. If you prefer that Hooping Mad deal with the transfer Emma will refund the ticket price minus non-refundable £65 deposit on prepaid tickets cancelled up to and including 1st March 2024. If there is no waiting list you may advertise and re-sell your ticket at anytime. STRICTLY NO CARRY OVERS TO 2025 FOR ANY REASON. NO REFUNDS AFTER 1ST MARCH 2024.