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Swhoop registration and breakfast is 8.30-9.30am on Friday 6th Oct. Close is 7pm on the Sunday.

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Here’s some links to pics and vids 🙂

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Group photo by Debbie at Nature Versus Photography:

Remaining photos taken by Serena May Tottle

For the first time in my life I danced without #hoop on a #stage including #dance as an intro element of my hoop #performance… for one minute. It was not something like "I'm dancing for pic up my hoop soon", but "I'm dancing, for real…hoops have to wait a little bit more this time!". ? . I'm not a dancer and I'm not pretending to be one. I'm studing, so for me this video is just a small stretch of a huge mountain I still have to climb … but, maybe, is it "something"? ? . This performance, that I did at #swhoop2017, also featured hula hoops (of course because I'm a #hoopdancer…this time for real ahahah, quite different from a dancer!). The video continues with a routine that many of you have already seen me do before … but this part is new. So I want to show you this one first. ?? . Welcome on board new act: "dreadfull dream", a #led #multihooping #emotional performance including dance too… and also full of beginner mistakes in dance and at the same time full of shame, fear, study, anxiety, goals but also energy, and desire to give more every time and every day. ? . Thank you @hoopingmad for this opportunity. . ? Video by Serena May Tottle

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Magic #origami workshop with @christophillm at #swhoop2017

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I am a unicorn. #unicornheadbandworkshop #swhoop2017 #unicorn #hornybitch

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everything is balanced at #swhoop2017 #gailobrien make us fly as always @amber_pamba is killing it

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#Samba #love #passion #led #hoop #jam #hoopersofinstagram #bristol #swhoop2017

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