Vendors at SWhoop 2014

Our vendors can be found in the Chill Space upstairs:

Hooping Mad

Raffle Tickets

See the raffle page for the crazy list of prizes you could win! Get your tickets from the Swhoop Dream Team (this year in Blue!)

Yoga tops – crossed back and wooden ring back


yoga top 1

yoga top from back_emma

yoga top 2


big round hoop ledsLED HULA HOOPS plus Some über luxury hoop bags, glittery make up stuff, hair chalks, and my amazing 3D heart refraction glasses. Turns led lights into heart shaped spectrums.
LED hoops Big Round Hoop


A traveling costume emporium taking inspiration from fairy tales and giving them a vaudevillian twist.

rumpel main

rumpel racks

rumpel mani

Hoopspin Polypro Hoops

Message from Gail: I am vending lovely coloured polypro. We have already sold out of some of the latest shiny order!! If you know what you want me to bring to Swhoop I’d advise PRE ORDERING BY TUESDAY 30th September to make sure you get what you wants. Colours and sizes available are on the website (I will refund postage for SWHoop orders) See you next week xxx




gail 3

Revolva Rock Store

Exciting leggings and onsies from Chavitas land..

rock leggings 1

zebra onsie for raffle

Hoop Bags by Paola Berton

Home made hoop bags for protecting your hoops. Every bag can contain up to ten 36″ hoops. Made with good quality fabric in different patterns and colours.
Available also small bags to fit your hoop when is folded for travelling.



Kay Pink Hoops

Electrofur glow hoods and scarves, Crystals, Nipple tassels, my paintings and my clothes and possessions. With extra bonus £1lucky dip box!

kay vending swhoop

Suzi Sparkles

Beginners hoops and Hoop Bags

suzi beginners hoops 2

Suzi beginners hoops

suzi beginners hoop 3

suzi beginners batch

Barocco Tribal Emporium

Justina will be bringing some lacey leggings

lacey leggings

SilverHeartMiasma and Frangipani Sisters

Gems will be vending clothes/accessories from SilverHeartMiasma and Frangipani Sisters.
To include pixie hoodies, pixie tops, lacy bustle skirts, leather pockets/purses, corset-back waistcoats, leggings, Indian bags and pixie shoes, as well as cat ears from Thailand.

gems vend 1

gems vend 2

Please click here if you want to vend at SWhoop