Optional workshops from:

  • Gail O’Brien – Advanced Shoulder Hooping
  • Valentina Unity Hoops – Hoop Burlesque and Belly Dance
  • Dustin Hubel – Isolations
  • Grace Billings – Multi-hoops
  • Sally Cox – Hoop Fitness
  • Karin de Wit – Foot Hooping and Bollywood Dance
  • Kay Pink Hoops – Poi and “Feel my Bush” (with Zoe)
  • Zoe Pither – “Feel my Bush” (with Kay)
  • Warwick Elkins – Acrohoop
  • Atiya Yoga – Morning Yoga

Optional Hoop Workshops

Valentina Unity Hoops – Burlesque for Hoopers

Valentina Unity Hoops

“Multi-taking at it’s best…Hoop Burlesque! Tap into your seductive side! When paired with Hooping, Burlesque takes on a whole new level of entertainment. This workshop will include a short, fun choreography set to sexy classic burlesque music. We will learn how to fuse hypnotizing hoop dance with the tantalizing art of the tease. It will be a fun way to feel empowered by embracing and loving your body!

Bring a Fedora hat and a pair of opera length gloves.

Dustin Hubel – Isolations

This workshop will focus on increasing your level of comfort with hoop isolations. First by covering simple isolations and discussing practice tips to improve the ‘stillness’ of the hoop, then by introducing different techniques and ways to conceptualize how a hoop moves most naturally, or unnaturally. Still isolations, lines, and two-handed techniques will be covered.

Grace Billings – Multi-hoops

Multiple hoops – Intermediate to advanced

You need to be able to comfortably keep 2 hoops going around different parts of the body. For example; 1 round knee and one round neck; one round waist and one around hands.

Emma will be helping those new to two hoops to get started upstairs.


Sally Cox – Hoop Fitness

A friendly hoop workout to anyone who not only hoops because they love it but because they want to get fit, feel energised and tone up! Often once we get drawn in by the world of hoop tricks and play we don’t work all our muscles as hard as we might want to. Hoop workouts don’t have to be boring and leave you stuck to the spot.

Karin de Wit – Move your Feet ‘You’ve got it all in your feet’

“Do you want your feet to be just as coordinated as your hands when it comes to hooping?
The difference between hand and feet will decrease after playful drills and challenges. You’re likely to experience your feet closer to you and they’ll be filled with gratitude to be included.
You’ll master some amazing foot-tricks!

You must be able to to hoop on the foot to attend this workshop – separate ‘Foot hooping basics’ with Emma will run at same time.

Warwick Elkins – Acrohoop

You must be able to to cartwheel and do a forward roll to attend this workshop.

Gail O’Brien – Advanced Shoulder Hooping

You must be able able to do a horizontal shoulder duck-out to attend this workshop- Emma will hold ‘Mastering the shoulder duck out’ at the same time

Optional Workshops (non-hoop)

Valentina Unity Hoops – Belly Dance

Learn the sacred art of belly dance from Valentina, a 2nd generation belly dancer. Valentina has been belly dancing since 1998! She grew up in LA with her mother, Leela, a successful belly dance teacher, troupe leader and producer (www.leelabellydance.com). Valentina’s style is unique, provocative and draws from a variety of belly dance styles. Her ability to fuse American Tribal Style, Egyptian Cabaret, Jazz, Hip Hop and Modern dance will provide you with a fun, interesting workout! Belly dance allows you to discover your inner feminine power and beauty. Get great exercise that engages all your muscles, while bonding with other women and discovering yourself!

Karin de Wit – Bollywood Dance

“Join Karin de Wit as she shares her talents and joys of Bollywood Dance!

“Bollywood Dance” is a modern dance style from India inspired by Bollywood movies known for their elaborate musical dance numbers. Bollywood is located in the heart of Bombay (Mumbai), India and is the largest film Industry in the world.

Bollywood dance is a combination of Indian Classical dance, and other Indian folk dances such as Bhangra fused with components of Hip Hop, Latin, and Belly Dance. Bollywood dance is expressive, unique and a GREAT WORKOUT!”

Kay Pink Hoops – Poi

Basic poi moves, ideal for helping understand many twin hoop/poi style hoop moves. This class is ideal for those who have never spun poi before, absolutely no experience necessary.

Covering spinning in split and same time, hand positioning and getting over the fear of hitting yourself in the head! Explaining how to do simple poi moves: weave, 3-beat weave, crossing, butterfly, thread the needle and introducing turning with these moves once people are comfortable with the basics. Getting interactive with your poi by trying out back to back weaves with a partner!

Great for improving your coordination and for dancing around with a prop when you can’t fit your hoops in the car 😉 ”

Kay Pink Hoops and Zoe Pither -“Feel my Bush”

“A mix of humorous icebreaker and rapid self-growth!

An ideal way to end SWHOOP 2012! Both Zoe and Kay perform as different characters in both hoop dance and burlesque. This workshop encourages people to explore different aspects of character and complete body movement within hooping. Freeing up body movement for more expressive hoop dance.

The workshop focusses on expressing different emotions while hooping, musicality and breaking habits by trying a new style of hoop dance. Working in pairs mimicking and building off each others movements. Taking risks and hooping in ways you’ve never hooped before!

To an inspirational soundtrack including the works of Kate Bush and a number of 80s power ballad classics.”