updated 29/09/23

IMPORTANT – Your favourite hoops
If they’re not REALLY distinctive please label your hoops
– Hooping Mad will have a very small number of hoops you can borrow if you haven’t got your own with you plus the they’ll be a load of hoops to buy from the vendors
– Each workshop description will have for details on what hoops are ideal 🙂 Don’t worry if you don’t have a specific size/number. There’s always lots extra at SWhoop and people are friendly 🙂


– All indoor spaces and the Spinning@ marquee are heated and warm up quick when you’re hooping but definitely bring lots of layers for when it’s not so energetic or for workshops /mealtime in The Den (the outside covered area) :


Slippers/ Indoor shoes
– It’s always shoes off in the Spinning@ Crafts Tent and if it’s rainy we may say the same for the hoop spaces in the Trinity to avoid dirty floors so you may want to bring outside shoes that are easy to take off and some slip on shoes for indoors if you dont like to be in just socks 🙂   This year I have brought a few over-shoes that will live at the door to the marquee and can be put over people’s outdoor shoes if it’s difficult for you to remove your shoes.

– For taking loads of pics and for workshop recaps
– Workshop recap videos are FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY and not for publication on youtube. Thanks!
– Make sure you CHARGE your camera and make SPACE for workshops.

Yoga mat (optional)
– For stretching workshops and yoga, more comfortable than the hall floor! I have a few but most will be over at Pink Kitten for the yoga classes there.

Tennis Ball(s) (optional)
– Might be used as a massage aid in some of the Stretch sessions.

Extra food/snacks (optional)
– We’re pretty on it with the chocolate, tea, biscuits etc but if there’s something you can’t do without then bring it along

Cash (optional)
– For new hoops, Raffle tickets (epic prizes) or other vendor goodies!  You can

  • Most vendors will accept paypal/banktransfer

– Nearest cash point is a short walk away. See the local information.

LED hoops (optional)
– For the evenings and the LED ball
– Remember your chargers! If you are coming from the US and have LED hoops with you it’s worth checking whether you need an extra voltage converter as well as the plug converter. You need this for the psi-hoops. Astral chargers are fine.
– Remember to charge your hoops ready for the Saturday night post-show party!

Costume (optional)
– There’s prizes for the best costumes on Saturday night. Also there’s also the INFAMOUS SWHOOP DANCE OFF so come dressed to impress 🙂

– Random costumes for Emma to wear when she MC’s – weirder the better 🙂

Ukulele (optional)
– If you have your own ukulele please bring it for the uke workshop and for general paying and singsongs throughout the weekend 🙂
– Emma will have few extra. They will be available to purchase at the end of Swhoop at cost price!

Fans (optional)
– You will need a set of spinning fans for the fans workshops and a set of silk fans for the silk fans workshops. If you have your own please bring them. We have a number of extra props you can borrow for the workshop but there is a limited number of each.

Levistick aka Flow Wand (optional)
– You will need a set of flow wand for the levistick workshops. If you have your own please bring it. We have a number of extra props you can borrow for the workshop but there is a limited number.

Skates (optional)
– You need skates if you want to do Joy’s skate classes 🙂

Broken/Old Hoops (optional)
– If it’s an easy fix you can visit Tamsin at One Stop Hoop Shop for some hoop first aid!  If it’s not savable/it’s in pieces – BRING IT – we need your broken hoops to upcycle into LED Fans in Ro’s crafting workshops! We are also looking for old yoga mats for the LED fan construction.

Any random crafty materials for tailoring your craft area creations (optional)
– Specifically for the Pimp your Visor workshop and for your kazoos. We have lots of materials. It’s just if you have anything particular eg, shells, flowers, fake fur, sequin material etc.

Knitting Materials (optional)
– We have a limited number of knitting needles to give to people that sign up for the workshops. We also have lots of wool but if you have your own needles you can bring (for chunky wool) and any spare wool lying around then please feel free to bring it along.

Face Painting Supplies (optional)
– We have loads available to you but if you have any random glitter or face paints you’re looking to get rid of then I’m sure people would love to share in the pre- Saturday show Glitter Up!

Book(s) (optional)
– Bring a fave book to have some well deserved downtime in the SWhoop Quiet Area 🙂

Notebook and Pen (optional)
– Please label your notebook so if it gets lost we can get it back to you.

A Towel (optional)
– There’s a few high energy workshops at SWhoop 2023 and if you’re partaking in these you may be sweating a bit in some of the workshops. A towel is clearly useful to mop your brow and it’s nice to have the option of refresh even if it’s just in the sink (no showers on site).
– Plus everyone knows that a towel is about the most useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have 😛

Blanket/Other warm stuff/hot water bottle (optional)
– We have a load of chill out area stuff and it’s not as cold in early October as in in the old Nov SWhoop years but sometimes it’s nice to have your own stuff to curl up in for a break/nap 🙂