Trinity Arts Centre
Trinity Road

If you are driving :  Trinity (the main venue) is outside the ‘Clean Air Zone‘ in Bristol – YAY- but it is quite close so make sure you go around the clean air zone and not through it to get to the venue or you’ll need to pay £9 a day.  With a big fine if you forget to pay.  Plan your journey 🙂

The Trinity Car Park is a small PUBLIC pay and display car park that costs £8 for 12hrs on weekdays and Saturday, £1.50 on Sunday.  You should be able to get a spot but this is not guaranteed.   The other options for parking in the streets around the Trinity can be extremely busy as most is permit only so please aim to leave your car where you are staying and walk/get public transport in.

On the weekend you should be able to find a space but I can’t guarantee this and remember you will need to pay and display. Please note that the Pay and display is NOT run by the Trinity and they are super strict so please make sure if you are in the car park at all that you pay for the full time you are there 🙂

PLEASE TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORT/WALK/UBER IF POSSIBLE: The Trinity is quite central and well serviced by public transport. More info on bus routes here.


There are National Rail Strikes in the UK on 30th Sept, Wed 4th Oct and Friday 6th Oct affecting many Trainlines and the London Underground.  Check your trains are running / what the alternatives are.  There is a good discussion of options on this post on the SWhoop FB Group

From Bristol Coach Station:

18min Walk (see map below) or grab a cab at the station or Uber

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Megabus is a great option for cheaper travel and now comes direct from Heathrow Airport which is handy!

Please note if you are coming by MEGABUS the stop is on BOND Street not the coach station or Coulston street where oit used to stop. Bond Street is about a 13 min walk from Bond Street to Trinity. You can get a 5 min cab (blue ones you can flag down) or uber.
Taxi ranks near to the Bond street bus stop:
Outside 49 Horsefair (closest to Megabus stop)
Horsefair (outside front of Primark, it’s a big shop)
Penn Street
Lower Maudlin Street.
And a webpage for this too (didn’t know it existed until now).…/dataset/taxi-ranks/map

If a cab is not an option then walking is probably easiest. I think you’d have to walk 6/7 mins to the right bus stop and then 3 or 4 mins from the bus stop to Trinity.

From Bristol Temple Meads Train:

18min Walk (see map below) or grab a cab at the station or Uber

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From Bristol Airport:

The nearest airport to SWhoop is Bristol (BRS). You can get the Bristol A1 Flyer bus service (£9 one way, £15 Return) from directly outside the airport to Bristol Coach Station or Temple Meads and then walk or get a cab (see maps above).

From London Airports:

Bristol airport is small so you may find it more cost effective to fly into one of the London airports and travel to Bristol from there depending on where you are flying from.

Bristol is about 2.5hrs drive West of London. The nearest London airport to Bristol is Heathrow (LHR) and this will be the easiest airport for Bristol. If you fly into Gatwick (LGW) or Stansted (STN) or Luton (LTN) you will have a longer journey to Bristol as you will have to travel around London and it may end up more expensive than the direct flight to Bristol

There are a number of ways to make the journey from London to Bristol:

If you fly into Heathrow : Megabus now goes direct from Heathrow airport to Bristol Bond Street (see megabus info above).

The easiest and most convenient is the National Express Airport Coach.

    I would RECOMMENDED this as the best way to travel from the London Airports.

The bus goes direct from all the airports, leaves from the airport itself and goes to Bristol Coach Station. If booked early enough it can be £15 one way but in my experience it is often more like £30. In my opinion it is totally worth the extra money not to have to go into London. Click here to book/more information.

If you are getting a bus/train from central london from Heathrow then Heathrow is on the tube so you can do the long (but easy) tube ride into London and get the bus from Victoria Coach Station. Don’t take the Heathrow Express if you’re trying to save money as it costs about £20!

From Gatwick you’d have to take the Gatwick express train into the city which costs £20 so you might as well get the direct national express bus.

From London Stansted Airport:
It’s not an easy journey from Stansted to Bristol so I would avoid flying into there if possible.
If you must then..
For the London to Bristol there are two options:

1. Direct National Express coach from the Airport (4hrs 45mins):
(Has a change at London Gatwick)

2. Train into central London (stansted express), tube to victoria (15mins), walk to coach station from tube (5mins), bus from victoria coach station (2hrs 50mins)
This is can be a lot cheaper (under half the price) and breaks up the journey but it means a lot of changing.

Coaches leave from London Victoria Coach Station. National Express coaches arrive at Bristol Coach Station (see directions to SWhoop above), and Megabus coaches arrive at Bond Street (see details above) – this is worth noting if you are getting picked up at the other end!. If you want to save money, have time and manage to get a really cheap bus then it’s worth getting this bus.

Direct trains from London to Bristol leave from London Paddington station about 1 train every 30 minutes. The journey takes 1h45. Even in advance (if you’re lucky) it will be £30.50 single and £45 return but it gets a lot more expensive quickly. You will also need to get to London Paddington via the Heathrow/Gatwick express and underground. This will be a lot more expensive and take longer overall as you have to get into London first but if you really want to take the train you can book here and remember to get off at BRISTOL TEMPLE MEADS which is close to the venue. Parkway is a long way from the centre.