SWhoop prides itself on having the best food available from the best of Bristol’s food vendors.

Tea, coffee and squash and snacks including fruit and biscuits and unlimited free chocolate available at the chill space all weekend!!

I’m excited to say that from now on SWhoop will be fully vegetarian, mostly vegan therefore we will be upping the quality of the food over the weekend. I know? How could it get better you ask? 😛

radek's choc 1
As usual SWhoop’s signature ‘Unlimited chocolate’ will be provided by Bristol locals Radek’s Chocolate – Beautiful, hand-made chocolate VEGAN and NO CANE SUGAR (made with coconut sugar) – it’s AMAZING. No packaging either so we all get to eat incredible, extremely high quality, amazing tasting chocolate and it’s not unhealthy and it supports local businesses. YES!!!! Ahhhhhhh 6 different flavours. I’m going to convert you all to vegan chocolate mwahhahahahahaha

Friday Registration/Sat Breakfast/Sun Breakfast – Buffet style breakfast, cereals, fresh fruit, toast and pastries.
Served in the downstairs hall

maitreya social

All other meals will be provided by the amazing Maitreya Social – Bristol’s Vegetarian Restaurant
Menus TBC
Lunches served upstairs in the chill space
Dinners downstairs

Maitreya got the best reviews of all the food last year (by a mile) and we are excited to have a more extended menu from them 🙂