SWhoop is 3-7th October 2024 at The Trinity Arts Centre, Bristol, UK.


Teacher applications are closed.

Teachers for 2024 are being announced on the @SWhoopcon IG

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The best hoop convention ever? We think so 🙂

And so do you given it was the winner of the 2015 Best Hoop Event Hoopie! You can only win it once so thanks all!

40+ workshops to choose from, 3 amazing shows, crafting, live music, AND unlimited chocolate 🙂

So much Hoop &

What is SWhoop?

SWhoop is the South West Hoop Conference brought to you by Hooping Mad (aka Emma Kenna).  Held in a converted church in the heart of Bristol in the UK, SWhoop is a high intensity whirlwind of hoop workshops, crafting, shows, ukulele, aerials, pole, dance and A LOT of laughing. Each year we offer a range of the best hoop teachers and instructors, an entire crafts area, an entire aerial/pole area at a very close seperate venue plus extra circus and dance workshops.

Although SWhoop generally caters to a higher level hooper it is still beginner friendly with a variety of levels of workshops to suit all.  Some people just come for the crafts 😛

Add to that three amazing shows, a Ceilidh with a live band! Saturday party until 2.30am, ukulele classes everyday and the best vegan food the UK has to offer and you have SWhoop!  SWhoop is a 5 day Extravaganza not to be missed.   “The Glastonbury of Hoop Conventions”

Did I mention there’s unlimited chocolate? 🙂

See you there!

Join us at our surprisingly active fb group  where you’ll find lots of pictures and videos from previous SWhoops.

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What are past attendees saying about SWhoop…

There’s no better place to fulfil all your wildest hoop dreams! If you’re all about developing your hoop knowledge it’s really ‘content-rich’ in that you can spend literally all of your time learning new things, it really accelerates your skill. Everyone at SWhoop is so friendly, I don’t think I’ve ever been among such a warm group of like-minded people, hooping attracts such lovely souls! Come for the workshops, come back for the friends!

Swhoop 2023 Attendee

Swhoop is a unicorn event! It’s fun, friendly, considerate, and practical. There’s something for everyone, even if you can’t hoop you’ll enjoy yourself. But caution, swhoop is addictive! Once you start coming, it’s hard to stop!!

Nita L, SWhoop Dream Team 2023

It’s a holiday into the happiest most ridiculous world! It doesn’t matter if you don’t touch a hoop in the whole time you are there, or if that’s the only thing you want to do. Anything goes and everyone is accepted for who they are.

TRACY, SWhoop 2023 Attendee

There were five wonderful days of inspiring, joyful workshops. I met up with old friends, friends previously only known online, and made brand new friends. We were totally immersed in the creative, supportive bubble that is SWhoop! The shows were AMAZING!

Christine O’Neill, Swhoop 2023 Teacher

When I tell people about swhoop I use the word epic. I always think it will be my last year but can never resist coming back again and again, and if I didn’t come I would have to hibernate all of October so I couldn’t see what I was missing.

Bernice, Swhoop regular

It’s a wonderful, warm environment full of incredible hoopers from all over the world. There’s always something to do and an activity for everyone.

SWhoop 2023 Attendee
Xena Flame’s Twerkshop Workshop at SWhoop 2022 (Pic by Little Bodhi Photography Bristol, UK)

I would recommend SWhoop because it’s truly an out of this world experience!
The 5 days were so full. You’d go to bed exhausted but so excited for what the next day would bring. I loved that teachers, participants and staff spent the whole day together, from breakfast till the after show celebrations. I could describe every little thing about Swhoop but you won’t fully understand it until you live it. There’s no doubt in my mind I will be back every year!!! ??

Maria Laura, SWhoop 2023 TEACHER

It is a wonderful, friendly community of supportive, talented loveliness! Every year I worry that it might not be as good as I remember – and every year I leave ready to hand over cash immediately for the next one! Feel eternally lucky to have found this and be part of it xxx

SARAH A, SWhoop Addict 😛

I just love it! There are so many colourful, lovely people who are so nice to everybody. It feels like you step into a new family. Emma is an amazing host and she’s so funny! The shows and workshops are really good!

SWhoop 2023 Attendee
Emma Kenna & Revova Impromtu Musical interlude in the SWhoop 2022 Saturday Showcase (Pic by Little Bodhi Photography Bristol, UK)

It has the best people, the best energy and the best workshops. It is pure joy!

SWhoop 2023 Attendee

SWHoop is such an amazing event. It’s like one big happy (and emotional) family.

Maria t, SWhoop 2023

SWhoop is the perfect mixture of hooping classes and chances to try new exciting things – all this surronded by very friendly people and the craziest and most playful spirit ever!

GIgi, SWhoop 2023 Attendee

It’s a huge sensory rainbow hug

Nati t Swhoop regular

It simply is the best hoop convention in the world!!!! 🙂

Ulli, Swhoop dream team
Penny Farthing’s Chairdance & Hoop Workshop at SWhoop 2023 (Pic by Little Bodhi Photography Bristol, UK)

The widest variety of skills and props of any flow/circus festival I’ve been to in the world! Quality teachers and all round good people! It’s not just hoop!

Kay PINK Hoops, SWhoop regular

I have highly recommend swhoop to all my friends even my non hooping ones because there was things that they were able to do…plus I want them to learn to hoop too. The hoop bubble ? is like no other experience and those wonderful memories last a life time. Also great seeing people who I meet last year and making new friends too.

Tanya, Swhoop regular

Swhoop has a unique spirit. Swhoop is filled with endorphine momentes, there are so many laughing moments, so much creativity on one place, so much joy and love around. I am always comming home so so happy and i can still laughing about some moments month after! Swhoop is a gift in times like these!

Andeli, Swhoop 2023 teacher
Christo’s Shoulder Pad making Craft Workshop at SWhoop 2019 (Pic by Little Bodhi Photography Bristol, UK)

SWHOOP is an oasis of energy and inspiration. The shows impressed me to tears and it was humbling to be surrounded by so many talented and beautiful people who love their hoops just as much as I do and shared so much with us.

Clara, 1st time swhooper 2023

You leave feeling exhausted but full to brimming – full of love, happiness, skills, food, friends. Just so wonderful. Emma creates an amazingly friendly and welcoming atmosphere where I think it would be difficult to not be a nice person. Even after it only being my second year this year it felt like family.

SWhoop 2023 Attendee
Hoopers in Taylor Flow’s Twin Hoop Workshop at SWhoop 2022 (Pic by Little Bodhi Photography Bristol, UK)

It was the most joyous week of my life, I came back home so full of gratitude and inspiration I felt like a different person entirely. Connecting with so many different people in the classes’ schedule madness has left my heart very full of emotions I wouldn’t have been able to feel otherwise. It’s just impossible to understand if you haven’t attended. I’d love to be able to do it every year for the rest of my life, even though I know the first time is always sweeter

Giulia B, 1st time Swhooper 2023

You meet the most amazing people and it feels like family. There is so much talent and positivity witch gives you so much joy.

Liuna, Swhoop regular

SWHoop is a total bubble of hoop and flow joy which is inspiring and energising and full of kind and supportive people – it’s absolutely epic!

SWhoop 2023 Attendee
End Hoop Toss/Spring of Emma Kenna’s Elbows Workshop at SWhoop 2023 (Pic by Little Bodhi Photography Bristol, UK)